Changes from 8/12/2020 - 11/5/2020
  • Data specification finalization
    • The data spec has been finalized for now and is open for comment
  • Data importer
    • Tweaked the importer logic slightly to allow for imports from a format that is created during a v2 to v1 data import file conversion process
  • Smart Defaults updates
    • Add support for future crop practices
    • Crop rotation customization
    • Support ability to select which years to import under crop rotations.
    • Misc. updates
      • Update the loading state for crop rotations to include a message about where data is coming from
      • Remove yield from Smart Defaults
      • Update OMAD prompt so that it’s only asking for the items we ask for in the data spec so that it is getting the same update as what we did for fertilizer inputs
      • Add tooltips for all applicable inputs mirroring the support we provide in the sheet today
      • Fix the naming conventions for crop types so that there are no redundancies
      • Set tillage date to be = to the planting date in smart defaults when tillage type = "No till"
  • Smart Defaults bug fixes
    • Planting dates pulling through incorrectly
    • Fix MonthDayInput not updating for tillage
  • Quantification updates
    • COMET farm server status detection
    • aggregate fertilizer events before sending them to COMET
    • Correctly use percent moisture in quantification
  • Quantification bug fixes
    • fixed an issue causing the quantification page to result in a 500 error
    • fixed a bug causing quantification runs to timeout when the error response from COMET is large
  • Marketplace updates
    • FIFO NRT sales
    • Checkout page changes
    • Supplier profile improvements
    • Verification report improvements
    • Certificate UI changes
    • Static page for Kelly Garrett
  • Marketplace bug fixes
    • Clicking on link to Supplier profile on Verification page has undefined supplierId
  • NRT Issuance improvements
  • Admin page updates
  • Marketing site changes
    • Update For Growers and Resource pages
    • Upload newest PDF documents for /resources/how-nori-works and ..resources/croplands-methodology
  • Running quantification without grandfatherable years results in an error on the projection page - https://trello.com/c/degYHyK4
  • Stop writing serial numbers on chain
Card URL
Fix a bug where deleting a fieldset results in a 400 error
Currently, if you delete a fieldset, the page will result in a 400 error. If you refresh, the problem is resolved.
handle empty feature collection (bug)
Throw an error for Smart Defaults when the sheet tabs aren't in sync with the names in the app [SM]
**Summary** Errors happen when the app and spreadsheet have different names for fields, but it's not clear to users. **Solutions** Throw an error when these names are out of sync and tell the user to contact Nori support.
Remove "rename fields" button [SM]
**Summary** Renaming field sets in the app is causing issues where the names get out of sync with the spreadsheet **Solution ideas** Just remove the button for now so that the out-of-sync naming can't happen via the app. It can still happen in the spreadsheet, but that's less likely to occur.
update croplands methodology on website
Add job listings to top of /careers
**Summary** Currently we show the job listings only at the bottom of the /careers page. We want to display the listings at both the top and bottom now. **Solution ideas** Keep the page as is with the listings at the bottom. ALSO add the listings to the top under the heading "Open roles at Nori".
Add Logos of new companies to website [SM]
**Summary** Add more buyers logos to the nori.com website
Remove NRT numbers from projections page
**Summary** We are still showing the wrong NRT numbers to data managers and suppliers in the app, and we need to not do that.
Address the error: "The file failed for some reason, It was tried 3 times without success"
Fix Links not opening in new tab correctly.
This was a problem I wasn't able to figure out before while working on the marketing site, but discovered the solution while going through the Next.js docs. Includes just a few quick fixes where applicable.
Update copy on supplier assignment template [SM]
**Summary** On the /for-growers page, in the FAQ titled "What if I don't own the land..." we provide a link to the assignment template, but we imply that they can just use it as is. We need to rewrite the copy here.
Change 'No-till Planting' to 'No tillage'
Add Data Security and Use Agreement to resources documents page
http://go.nori.com/data-security-and-use should go on https://nori.com/resources the link should go to a PDF of that document
Marketing site improvements
make historic land management optional in data spec
Show total acres in the admin interface for a project
The request is to know this per project and how many total. The total can definitely go into the admin interface which should not be customer facing. There is value in show the per project and even per field number for suppliers and versifiers to measure NRT yield and put together a risk assessment for verification.
Redesign of edit / preview states for crop rotations
For crop rotations it can be confusing for customers to know what data they are about to import because our edit state and our submissions date are the same . In addition, a column / row could be unselected and there is still a reasonable expectation that those records will be imported. **Ideas** - Hide values pulled in until row is checked for editing / submission
Smart Defaults - Support ability to select which years to import under crop rotations.
We want to allow customers to select / deselect not just fields but also years when setting up Smart Defaults. This allows customers to specificity different defaults for a subset of years. They can do this as long as they use the feature a second time and select different range of years.
Seeing an invalid crop type called "background" while using Smart Defaults crop rotation tool
### Summary I started filling out Smart Defaults starting with my crop rotation for future years. I noticed in the list of possible crop types that there is a crop called "Background" which I assume is a mistake. **Reproduction Steps** - Create a new field using demo data - Click to Setup Smart Defaults - Click to Set Up Crop Rotation - Select the dropdown in year 2020 or beyond - See an option to set a crop called "background"
Smart Defaults - Extend this tool to allow customers to specify next 10 year practices into the future (during their contract with Nori)
Smart Defaults is used for current and historical years without the ability to select a subset of years but data override logic stays the same. We introduce a Future Practices tool with mimics the workflow of Smart Defaults but is scoped to only be 2020 - 2030 with crop rotations left blank but customers have ability to edit those rotations year to year, field to field. All other prompts are identical to how they work in Smart Defaults today.
If no fertilizer event for unknown crop, default to Mixed Blends
Smart Defaults fails to import crop rotations with years <2000
Build /careers page
Smart Defaults is not respecting selections made during the crop rotations step
See attached video
Fix Printing bug / export PDF of certificates
Update Admin Orders page
Smart Defaults is not importing fertilizer data to the spreadsheet or inputs tab
This is happening on multiple accounts, but specifically on the "W. Farms - Truncated Full Field Set v2" project.
Smart Defaults: Corn:grain is set up as silage (eg. Willis)
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