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Launched on 8/11/2020

Change Summary πŸš€β€‹

  • Quantification updates
    • Error handling UX improvements
    • Fertilizer event aggregation
  • Data import updates
    • Open source validation module for input files
    • Managing the specification in version control for better collaboration
  • Marketplace updates
    • Copy updates
    • Increase purchase limit to 400 NRTs
  • Bug fixes

Postponed changes

The following changes were not completed in time and were therefor not included in release 0.7.0:

Quantification updates

Error handling UX improvements

Errors will now be listed for all fields in a project using a more concise summary UI
​Read more here​

Fertilizer event aggregation

Fertilizer events that happen on the same date now get aggregated into a single fertilizer event when sent to COMET farm for quantification
Due to a limitation in the COMET farm model, declaring multiple fertilizer events on the same day would cause the model to not run correctly. As a workaround, we now aggregate events that happen on the same day into a single event before sending it off to COMET farm.
If multiple fertilizer events happen in the same day, declare them in the intake sheet by using the same date across all of the applicable fertilizer events.
Fertilizer events that use different fertilizer names or contain any other properties that are different to the first fertilizer event declaration for that date will aggregate into one event that reuses the properties of the first fertilizer event, but don't worry, this won't impact your NRT quantification numbers

Data import updates

Track the latest progress on the project data specification updates here​
The specification, docs, and validation library are open source and can be found here​

Marketing site changes

  • The FAQ on the for-growers page had some copy revisions made to remove references to the $15/NRT price and instead indicate that the supplier can set a floor price
  • The maximum NRT purchase limit per order has been increased from 200 NRTs to 400 NRTs

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the total fertilizer amount applied to import incorrectly
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