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Launched on 5/4/2020

Change Summary πŸš€β€‹

  • Spreadsheet v3.1 is live
    • Smart history merging
    • Data import changes and improvements
  • Launched data manager account types (employee only BETA)
  • Smart Defaults bug fixes (employee only BETA)
  • Misc changes and bug fixes

Spreadsheet v3.1 is live!

Smart history merging

Project imports will now handle merge logic correctly

Previously, when running Smart Defaults after having imported project history from a Granular import file, the Smart Default process would overwrite the data that was created by a Granular import file. We now track what process last modified a crop year in the spreadsheet by writing to a "source" cell in the spreadsheet
Additionally, Smart Defaults will now only write values to crop years that have not been previously modified by a granular import file.

What was changed

  • When the sheet is modified by Smart defaults, the source cell will contain the string "PROXY"
  • When the sheet is modified by a Granular import the source cell will contain the string "GRANULAR"
  • Smart Defaults will now only modify crop years which do not have a source cell value that has the string "GRANULAR" written to it

Data Import Improvements

Organic matter and fertilizer inputs are now filtered uniquely by name so that only unique inputs are added

Previously, we were populating input tabs with all events that were defined in an import file. However, once two inputs of the same name exist in the input tab, only the first input will ever populate the various drop down menus in the spreadsheet. This was likely to cause users to modify the wrong input properties in the inputs tab and expect it to update the sheet accordingly. To fix this, we now only import the first unique event name of each input type in the sheet.

Automatically Calculated Fertilizer Amounts

Previously, we were performing a lot of calculation on import files to detect values such as a fertilizer's nitrogen lbs/acre and then writing that value over a formula in the spreadsheet. The problems with this was that if a user wanted to then manually edit the value, they would also need to edit a number of related cells. To assist with this issue, we now write a limited number of inputs into field tabs, and rely instead on the inputs tab to automatically detect and fill in event values so as to not overwrite these helpful formulas.

What was changed

  • Fertilizer product units listed in an import file are now populated into the Inputs tab
  • Nitrogen lbs/acre cells are now populated automatically from the input tab instead of from the import file

You can now specify dates with years outside of the current crop year specified by the row

An update to the spreadsheet (v3.1) changed the accepted format of dates in the sheet from MM/DD to MM/DD/YYYY

What was changed

  • We now pass the full MM/DD/YYYY through to the spreadsheet


Verifiable Data Highlighting

What was changed

  • There are now highlights applied across the sheet to indicate that data must be verified

Misc Improvements and Bug Fixes

What was changed

  • Each field's area is now populated into a cell in each field tab to assist with various sheet formulas
  • Null fertilizer area will no longer break the import process. When a null fertilizer area exists, it will try to fallback on the field area
  • We now only consider the boundaryYield property for harvests
  • A bug has been fixed which would halt the import process when using import files with a large number of fields inside
  • A bug was fixed preventing users from using the "select all fields icon" button
  • Fertilizer application methods are now uniquely imported into the Inputs tab in their respective section
  • Import application method along with fertilizer type in Inputs tab
  • Fertilizer application method has been added to the fertilizer
  • Added unit column to fertilizer area of spreadsheet
  • A bug was fixed allowing users to enter invalid years in the spreadsheet

Data Manager Account Types (BETA)

Data Manager Account Types (Employee Only Beta)

Smart Defaults (BETA)


Updates for Smart Defaults based on research findings

Misc Improvements and Bug Fixes

What was changed

  • A bug was fixed causing a table header to be cut off in manure step of Smart Defaults
  • A bug was fixed causing an extra delay after importing before values show up in the sheet
  • A bug was fixed preventing users from running the "Burning" portion of Smart Defaults
  • A bug was fixed preventing users from saving during the "Liming" portion of Smart Defaults
  • A bug was fixed preventing Smart Defaults to run when using projects with large amounts of data
  • A bug was fixed incorrectly handling disabled state during the liming steps of Smart Defaults


Misc Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • A bug was fixed preventing podcast pages from loading on the marketing site
  • The text on various buttons reading "OPEN RECORDS" has been changed to read "EDIT RECORDS"
  • A UI bug in the application navigation menu has been fixed
  • A bug causing CRP details to throw an error during quantification for sheet v3.0 was fixed
  • A bug that caused irrigation to be ignored in sheet v3.0 during quantification was fixed
  • Misc quantification changes


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