Verification Overview
Before your NRTs are issued and are available to sell, Nori requires verification of the adoption of your regenerative practices in the Nori project. This step is done by a third party auditor who is accredited in verifying greenhouse gas emissions. Verification is paid by the Primary Contact. When preparing for verification, keep these questions in mind…
Do I have enough evidence to...
  1. 1.
    Prove to a stranger that I have adopted regenerative farming practices, as defined in my Nori project? and
  2. 2.
    That all landowners involved in the Nori project give authority to the project owner to list their land in the Nori marketplace?
The verifier is not looking to validate the exact dates entered into the Nori project, but is providing assurance that the project adopted regenerative practices that generate the NRTs. This process includes sending the verifier receipts and farm records (i.e. purchase of a new tillage implement, cover crop seed receipts) as well as speaking with the verifier over the phone to validate your practices. This process does not include a site visit, which dramatically reduces the cost. If you do not have a paper trail to prove some aspects of your operation, the verifier may contact a reputable source in your community (agronomist, extension agent) to vouch that the narrative of your operation is correct.
How do I prepare for the verification process?
The best way to prepare for the verification process is to write out a narrative of your operation (e.g. “We began cover cropping in 2013, using haylage from the cover crops to feed cattle, who then graze the corn stalk in the fall… etc”) and organize your records that support this narrative. You should also have authority from all the landowners of the project (if applicable) to give you, the Primary Contact, the authority to maintain the Nori project. Moving forward, the best way to prepare for interim verifications is to organize your records with the data Nori requires and take time-stamped, geo-located picture (from your phone) that document your practices.
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